The Annexe Sessions – Esplanade sept 29 2016

Back on home ground for a couple days. We’re playing at the brand new arts venue The Annexe!


our latest addition seems to be coping just finebandcrowdfabekeysjasemoogjosh-annexesub-tour

thanks axel serik for the great pics

Einstein Moments #1

Hey guys! We’ve just tracked drum parts today in the studio (with awesome massive help from amazing audio engineer Stuart ‘radiant skin’ Wee of Beep Studios) and everyone’s really excited to finish these newly written tracks up before we send them off for post production magical treatments.

In a couple of days, we’ll be dropping some videos of what we’ve been up to in the studio (sort of like a follow up to Culmination of the Social Misfit Experiment). So anyway, you’re gonna be hearing alot more from the amazing musicians of the band on our next release- . Can’t wait!

It’s raining. Wrap up. Good mornight everyone!