The Annexe Sessions – Esplanade sept 29 2016

Back on home ground for a couple days. We’re playing at the brand new arts venue The Annexe!


our latest addition seems to be coping just finebandcrowdfabekeysjasemoogjosh-annexesub-tour

thanks axel serik for the great pics

Gig at Esplanade Concourse + EPlet launch

Sooooo, it’s been almost a week since we’ve had our EP-let release and gig at the Esplanade Concourse (Singapore, ) and still recovering from the massive adrenaline rush. to all who came down for the gig, purchased the EP, or showed your love and support in some way or another throughout the entire process, we thank you from the bottom of our durian infested hearts. here’s a little youtube link we picked up from the gig:

also, we’d like to give a ginormous shoutout to these people who have selflessly provided so much help and support with the recording/post prod aspects of our EPlet-

Stuart Wee and Eugene of Beep Studios (You guys have excellent radiant skin haha)
Kevin Foo of Beep Studios, and,
Bryant of Resonance.

Each EPlet that you purchased was lovingly cut and put together by yours (us) truly. which kinda also explains the slightly bengkok ( edges… yes. we were slicing and dicing these up till 6am on saturday morning. haha. powering through to the maximus ladidaness. here’s a link to our soundcloud where you can have a listen to snippets of our 3 track EP-let:

we’d also like to thank these people for their love for us and our music from day#1:

Waileng (for your mad&OCD phototaking skills)
Roddie Chua (for your time, effort and dedication to helping us out with the pictures+design etc)

And! we’ve also been writing/jamming new tunes to be recorded/rehearsed for the our EPlet VOL II.. amidst all the durian eating, lepak ( marathons, we’ve actually had a couple (or actually one very defining Einstein Moment). more on that next time.. till then, we’ll be at MBS this fri and sunday between 6-945pm. so pop by to check us out if you’ll be around the area!

may the love for durian be with you. always. and forever.