Album drops July 12th 2017 at the Esplanade. Watch this space for updates!

March 20th: Mixing the first single this week. Midnite oil all over the place.

April 7th: Hephaestus master v2 is back from the Swede. Sounds amz!

April 25th: Fourth song in the can. Hephaestus, Sun, Illusionary Boy and today, Catch Me Falling. Going in with the manDric for Wolfboy vc tomorrow.

May 13th: Mix this week: getting close to the Sun.

May 15th: Recording guitar for Like Coltrane tonight.

An Loo Le Yi Mo

May 26th: Wolf v4 sounding good. Thanks Reuben!

May 29th: Mixes pouring in. Like Coltrane sounds great out of the box. Last mix night with mandric.

May 30th: Last tweak night with glow. Tomor off to Melbourne Jazz Fest!

June 12th: Masters back from Trevor Sadler. Finishing up the interloooods.



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