SUN: Our second single drop! Aug 17


July 15th Hephaestus launched at Esplanade Recital Studio





Album drops July 12th 2017 at the Esplanade. Watch this space for updates!

March 20th: Mixing the first single this week. Midnite oil all over the place.

April 7th: Hephaestus master v2 is back from the Swede. Sounds amz!

April 25th: Fourth song in the can. Hephaestus, Sun, Illusionary Boy and today, Catch Me Falling. Going in with the manDric for Wolfboy vc tomorrow.

May 13th: Mix this week: getting close to the Sun.

May 15th: Recording guitar for Like Coltrane tonight.

An Loo Le Yi Mo

May 26th: Wolf v4 sounding good. Thanks Reuben!

May 29th: Mixes pouring in. Like Coltrane sounds great out of the box. Last mix night with mandric.

May 30th: Last tweak night with glow. Tomor off to Melbourne Jazz Fest!

June 12th: Masters back from Trevor Sadler. Finishing up the interloooods.


Korea! October 1-8

We’ve been busy in Seoul the last coupla days, after all, all that Korean bbq, bibimbap and kimchi ain’t gonna eat itself…. We also met so many great people and experienced the amazing hospitality of this beautiful city.

Jarasum Jazz Festival 2016 was a blast! The sun was out and so were the jazz enthusiasts.We had such a great time.

The Zandari Festa: totally intimate and chill, our venue had a great crew and a great sounding room. Very cool! We could’ve played all night!

Club Evans, probably Korea’s premier jazz club turned out to be one of the coolest, vibiest jazz clubs we’ve played. And we got to hear some great performances from the local Korean college jazz funk scene. Awesome!


zandari in the hongdae district: 0-100% setup in 15minutes!


2016-10-06-PHOTO-00005269.jpg jase


fabe    Kamsahamnida, Korea!



The Annexe Sessions – Esplanade sept 29 2016

Back on home ground for a couple days. We’re playing at the brand new arts venue The Annexe!


our latest addition seems to be coping just finebandcrowdfabekeysjasemoogjosh-annexesub-tour

thanks axel serik for the great pics